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Sexuality and Boudoir Photography

Monique Bearce Model Session 059 900x601 Sexuality and Boudoir Photography

Last night I happened across a conversation asking about how being a boudoir photographer affects your own sexuality, or how your sexuality affects your boudoir work, and it really inspired me to take a deep look at myself and really try to understand how the two connect for me.

Shooting boudoir is like being a Doctor to me, when I see clients nude (or nearly nude) regardless of gender, it does not affect me in a sexual way. I don’t look at them while they are changing (if they opt to not use the bathroom), and I don’t look at their body unless I’m looking THROUGH the camera, in which case I am only looking at angles, light, shape, etc. None of it is sexual. 

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Exist In Photos

Weeks002 Exist In Photos


The last two days have been heartbreaking and overwhelming for our family. Yesterday my family lost this gorgeous woman, wife, mother. My cousin Desiree Strout was just 28 and on her way to give birth to her third baby (and first son) when they hit a patch of black ice and their truck rolled. She was killed in the crash and her baby boy is still in critical condition. Her husband, Harry Weeks, is in stable condition but has a long road ahead of him in terms of his emotional and physical recovery. Their oldest daughter, (8) who was with them, suffered minor injuries and was released later in the day, and their other daughter (2 1/2)  was with family and safe.

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Kayla’s Glamorous Maternity Session


Kayla13 900x600 Kaylas Glamorous Maternity Session


I have had the pleasure of photographing Kayla three times now and each time gets better than the one before it. Kayla is a gorgeous Mama to a beautiful little girl and is expecting another little girl in October! Continue reading »

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“One husbands response” and why I feel it’s bull.


Hannah Boudoir019 900x596 One husbands response and why I feel its bull.

If you’ve been on Facebook in the past couple of weeks, you’ve undoubtedly read the letter going around that is supposedly from the husband who received an album of boudoir photos from his wife for their 20th anniversary. In this letter he criticized the amount of editing the photographer had done. You can read it here: http://petapixel.com/2015/10/15/one-husbands-response-to-retouched-photos-of-his-wife/

I had a bunch of people send me links to this and at first I thought to myself “How sweet, he really loves his wife and everything about her”… but then the more I thought about it, the  more I decided the guy sounds like kind of a pretentious asshole. Even more, I started to think that the whole thing was probably fake. Continue reading »

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My first boudoir shoot

Boudior J 0671 900x600 My first boudoir shoot

(FYI: The following post is NSFW…. if you are related to me, you may want to not read further… or at least make sure you don’t scroll past the 2nd set of images below)

I wish I could remember where I first learned about boudoir photography… I’d like to thank whoever introduced me to it because becoming a boudoir photographer has changed my life and has allowed me to help other women to change their own lives.

The first boudoir shoot that I ever photographed was my own. It was a very amateur setup… I had only just decided two months prior that I wanted to make photography my career so I was still learning and only had very basic equipment and knowledge in how to use it. Continue reading »

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Finding Yourself

jess1 900x643 Finding Yourself


I met my first husband when I was 16 years old. He started out sweet and caring, and it wasn’t long before I was pregnant. By our first anniversary I was miserable. All we did was fight and he had begun the process of isolating me from everyone I knew and who cared about me. That was the beginning of nearly 7 years of Hell.

By the age of 21 I was completely brainwashed, nearly suicidal and feeling hopeless.  I was lost and it was all I could do to get through each day without letting his words and actions destroy me completely. I started drinking heavily to escape my misery.

I finally got scared enough to leave in August of 2006 with 2 kids and one on the way and moved in with my estranged father…. We hadn’t spoken in nearly a year, because of my husband, yet he opened his home to me and my children. I managed to go back to school and got my GED, I got my own place for me and the kids, and I started to be able to see that I had value.

One day while I was out shopping, I decided to look at the workout videos and on a whim purchased Volume 1 of the Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease collection. Continue reading »

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