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How wearing makeup can affect your self esteem

Maine Boudoir Studio 010 900x600 How wearing makeup can affect your self esteem


Yesterday morning, while drinking my coffee and scrolling Facebook I came across a post by a local radio station. It was a message they were posting from one of their followers, talking about how her 8 year old came home from school and asked if she could wear makeup because a classmate did. The mother said  “The makeup may improve my daughter’s low self-esteem. It may also attract unwanted attention from pervs. Is 8 years-old too young for makeup?”

I read through some of the comments and overwhelmingly everyone had negative comments about makeup in general. Continue reading »

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Christine’s Portrait Session


Maine Portrait Photographer 900x600 Christines Portrait Session

It’s been awhile since I had a chance to just do some GORGEOUS portraits of someone, so when Christine came in last month with a goal of having some beautiful images made for her children, I was super excited! Continue reading »

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Professional Printing – A Complete Service

Luke and Cassie Album Room Screen Grab2 900x534 Professional Printing   A Complete Service



In the morning while I’m having my coffee, I like to browse around Facebook. I prep my posts for the week, check out what’s going on with my friends and participate in conversations with my VIP group of past and future clients. This morning’s conversation was prompted when some recent clients shared photos of their beautiful prints displayed over their bed and another member of the group asked where they got the images printed.

I spoke up and explained that I do all of the processing for my clients, printing and facilitating the professional matting and framing, as I feel that doing any less would be to leave them with an incomplete product and would be a complete disservice to them.

I was quite saddened for this woman when she told me “I bought a print from a local photographer I love, but he couldn’t find a place to print them as big as I wanted, so I actually ended up buying the rights to print the two files technically thinking I’d be able to get them printed. Long story short 6 months later, I still just have a file!” Continue reading »

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Photographing Men and Couples

Maine Sexy Couples Boudoir Photos 030 900x600 Photographing Men and Couples

While I primarily photograph women, and my underlying goal is to help women see and appreciate their self worth and inner strength and beauty, occasionally I enjoy pushing my own limits and trying new things! Continue reading »

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Business Headshots

Rockland Maine Business Headshot Photographer 009 900x600 Business Headshots

Your business portraits and headshots may very well be the first impression you have the chance to make on your newest potential clients. Are you using a cell phone shot? Maybe it’s a cropped photo from your last vacation that isn’t entirely clear? Continue reading »

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Amelia’s Modern Business Headshot Session

Amelia Headshots 0041 900x596 Amelias Modern Business Headshot Session


This, ladies and gentlemen, is the face of the amazing young woman who brings out all of the beauty in our clients.

Amelia and I started working together at the end of last Summer, and once we figured out that we were definitely going to keep working together, we scheduled a headshot session so that she could have some nice images to promote her own business as a licensed hair and makeup artist! Continue reading »

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