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Summer Session Schedule

Lizzy Cox 041 900x600 Summer Session Schedule

This Summer we are mixing things up a bit and trying something new! 

We know how hard it can be for Mom’s to find free time during the Summer while school is out, so we are changing up our schedule some to allow for more flexibility! 

This year we will be introducing Sunday Themed Sessions! 

These sessions will be held on predetermined dates through the summer (dates below) and each date will be dedicated to a specific theme! These themes were voted on by members of our Ladies Only VIP group (Join Here!) and we think they are going to be an absolute BLAST! 

There will only be room for 4 ladies on each of our Theme days, so don’t hesitate to book your spot! These sessions will include professional hair and makeup (with lashes application), and will be limited to one wardrobe/outfit and a 2 hour time frame (including hair and makeup). Because these sessions will be structured this way, they are priced slightly lower than our regular full sessions (which are still available on Wednesday afternoons through the Summer, for those who prefer our regular experience!) 

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“I don’t look like the girls on your website” and other nonsense I hear

30629797 10210849609748899 6308589513601974272 o 900x600 I dont look like the girls on your website and other nonsense I hear

Seriously, I have heard it all. 

“I don’t look like the girls on your website”, “I don’t know how to look sexy”, “I don’t know how to pose”. 

First of all…. You don’t have to look like the girls on my website, because you look like you and that is exactly who you SHOULD look like! The girls on my website are their own individual people and that’s who they look like. 

Second of all, you don’t need to know how to pose OR how to look sexy because that is MY job!

I have been training and perfecting the art of styling, posing and photographing clients of ALL shapes and sizes for going on 6 years now, and I don’t plan to ever stop trying to get better and better at it!

I have posed and photographed women of all ages, women who suffer from mobility issues of varying degrees, those who are underweight, who are overweight, and those who are in great physical shape. I’ve photographed women who struggle with mental illness, diseases, and pretty much anything else you can think of that may affect the way a woman feels about herself (because we all have something, don’t we?). I’ve even photographed myself!

29749309 1399173563522317 4627373000034402635 o 900x600 I dont look like the girls on your website and other nonsense I hear

Each and every one of those women have been beautiful and has walked away thrilled with her images. 

When I polled my VIP group of nearly 600 women, lack of body confidence was the number 2 reason that they hesitate booking a session. Now let me tell you… that’s BULL! The best reason to come and HAVE a photoshoot is because you want to boost your confidence!

24312441 1284790108293997 5993408741229661838 n 900x600 I dont look like the girls on your website and other nonsense I hear

“In just one shoot I saw myself differently than I ever have. I felt beautiful and comfortable my own skin by the end of it. I learned to be easier on myself, love my smile and that being my quirky self is awesome.” – Kurstin

I am there from day one to help you feel comfortable and confident. We start working together at your consultation where we go over all the details of what you can expect, all the available options, answer any questions you may have and start a plan for your perfect session. 

21950830 1226644930775182 6544939579753557701 o 900x600 I dont look like the girls on your website and other nonsense I hear

After the consultation, during the rest of the planning process I am easily accessible and willing to answer questions, look at wardrobe ideas, give suggestions, etc. all you need to do is ask! (Seriously, ask any of my past clients… It’s not unusual for them to be emailing or texting me photos while they try things on to get my feedback! It’s all a part of the experience!)

I am also very conscious of how my clients are feeling during their session and I will do my absolute best to make sure you can see just how gorgeous you are by showing you images on the back of the camera to help ease any lingering fears you may still have! 

Trust me, by the time we are done, you’ll be glowing ;) 



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Exist In Photos

Weeks002 Exist In Photos


The last two days have been heartbreaking and overwhelming for our family. Yesterday my family lost this gorgeous woman, wife, mother. My cousin Desiree Strout was just 28 and on her way to give birth to her third baby (and first son) when they hit a patch of black ice and their truck rolled. She was killed in the crash and her baby boy is still in critical condition. Her husband, Harry Weeks, is in stable condition but has a long road ahead of him in terms of his emotional and physical recovery. Their oldest daughter, (8) who was with them, suffered minor injuries and was released later in the day, and their other daughter (2 1/2)  was with family and safe.

Losing Desiree has been a complete shock to our entire family, a family that, regardless of distance and time spent without seeing each other, has always been very close. My brother said it best when he said “Our family is nothing if not strong and united. When something happens to one of us, it happens to us all.” – We have all rallied together to try and build as much support as we can for Desiree’s husband Harry, so that he can recover and adjust to life without his wife. 

You never know when a loved one will leave you. Never EVER miss the opportunity to record your or their time on this Earth. Desiree’s babies are going to grow up without her, but she understood how important it was to document their family and her love for them, so they’ll always at least have these photos.

The photos below are a combination of a family session that we did in 2013 and then her maternity photos with her second child in 2015. Unfortunately, we were not able to update their family photos before we lost her. 

There are multiple benefit events being coordinated to help support the family, and we have also set up a GoFundMe for those who are unable to participate or wish to donate more. You can find the GoFundMe event here: https://www.gofundme.com/loving-wifemother-lost-too-soon

Maine maternity boudoir photography 007 Exist In PhotosMaine maternity boudoir photography 012 Exist In PhotosMaine maternity boudoir photography 014 Exist In PhotosWeeks008 Exist In PhotosWeeks003 Exist In PhotosWeeks007 Exist In PhotosWeeks011 Exist In PhotosWeeks027 Exist In PhotosWeeks014 Exist In Photos

News Outlets looking to use photos to report on this tragedy, please email me at info@jessicamichaelphotography.com 

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What to Wear for your Boudoir Session – Bodysuit Edition

I absolutely LOVE a good Bodysuit for almost EVERY client! They are flattering for almost every body type, super sexy, but can also be modest and tasteful! You can find so many different styles that will for sure work for any vibe you’re going for! Here are a few favorites I’ve picked out on Amazon (Click the photos to see them on Amazon and get pricing/sizing details – These are Affiliate links). You can see more suggestions on my What to Wear board on Pinterest! https://www.pinterest.com/JessicaMichaelPhoto/what-to-wear-boudoir/


811rmzsok7L. UX768  462x600 What to Wear for your Boudoir Session   Bodysuit Edition 817xplLU4rL. UX768  462x600 What to Wear for your Boudoir Session   Bodysuit Edition 716AjXSlPHL. UY999  570x900 What to Wear for your Boudoir Session   Bodysuit Edition 81wMenZv58L. UX768  462x600 What to Wear for your Boudoir Session   Bodysuit Edition 71xOyyfOwmL. UX768  462x600 What to Wear for your Boudoir Session   Bodysuit Edition Continue reading »

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Urban Legends Series: Killer in the Window

Killer In the Window 093web 900x600 Urban Legends Series: Killer in the Window


“A 15-year-old girl was babysitting her little sister while her parents went out to a party. She sent her sister off to bed around 9:30 while she stayed up to watch her favorite T.V. show.

She sat in her recliner with a blanket and watched until it went off at around 10:30 after it went off she turned around in her seat to face the big glass door and watch the snow fall. She sat there for about 5 minutes or so when she noticed a strange man walking toward the glass from outside. She sat there staring as he stared at her back. He started to pull a shiny object out from his coat. Thinking it was a knife she immediately pulled the covers over her head. After about 10 minutes she removed the covers and saw that he was gone. She then called 911 and they rushed over.

They examined outside for any footprints in the snow, but there were none to be found. Two cops walked into her house to tell her the bad news and they noticed a trail of big wet footprints leading up to the chair where she was sitting.

The cops came to their conclusion and immediately told the girl she was very lucky because the man she saw staring at her was not standing outside, but he was standing behind her and what she saw was his reflection.”



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Urban Legends Series: Haunted Dollhouse

Haunted Doll 900x575 Urban Legends Series: Haunted Dollhouse


You have heard the stories about dolls and dollhouses who seem to have a life of their own… but perhaps it’s not “their” life that they possess? 

For this shoot my model and I worked hard to really capture the essence of these potential hauntings.  Continue reading »

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