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How wearing makeup can affect your self esteem

Maine Boudoir Studio 010 900x600 How wearing makeup can affect your self esteem


Yesterday morning, while drinking my coffee and scrolling Facebook I came across a post by a local radio station. It was a message they were posting from one of their followers, talking about how her 8 year old came home from school and asked if she could wear makeup because a classmate did. The mother said  “The makeup may improve my daughter’s low self-esteem. It may also attract unwanted attention from pervs. Is 8 years-old too young for makeup?”

I read through some of the comments and overwhelmingly everyone had negative comments about makeup in general. Continue reading »

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Celebrating New Studio and Our 4 Year Anniversary!


Weston Family 061 900x600 Celebrating New Studio and Our 4 Year Anniversary!September is a month of big ideas and new ventures for me. On September 1st of this year, I celebrated the 4 year anniversary of deciding that I would take my photography hobby and turn it into a business. The last 4 years have been full of excitement, stress, ideas and growth!

Two years ago this week, I looked at the first place I considered renting for a studio. This is when the dream of moving my growing boudoir business out of my home started. I soon realized it wouldn’t work for me and started brainstorming ways I could make my dream a reality.  Within 4 months I had figured out a projected budget and an ideal location, and then found an amazing space…. Continue reading »

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Self Portraits

Jess 02 900x600 Self Portraits


Sometimes I think people are hesitant to book a shoot because they aren’t quite sure what is involved, or get the idea that it’s JUST a photoshoot. What I offer is SO much more than that! Continue reading »

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We’ve solved the problem of What to Wear!

publication 1063 600x431 Weve solved the problem of What to Wear!


The time has come for Midcoast Maine and beyond to experience the power of SEXINESS!

Over the past few years running my boudoir studio I have come to realize, along with my clients, that there is simply NO reliable source for lingerie or other sexy items in pretty much the entire state! Continue reading »

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Stacy’s Spokesmodel Test Shoot

Stacy Thorndike 057 1 900x600 Stacys Spokesmodel Test Shoot


Stacy was one of the finalists of our Spokesmodel contest a few months ago. She was ready and willing to try anything and had some fun ideas of her own. We had a blast and I was super excited to show her all of her images. Continue reading »

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“One husbands response” and why I feel it’s bull.


Hannah Boudoir019 900x596 One husbands response and why I feel its bull.

If you’ve been on Facebook in the past couple of weeks, you’ve undoubtedly read the letter going around that is supposedly from the husband who received an album of boudoir photos from his wife for their 20th anniversary. In this letter he criticized the amount of editing the photographer had done. You can read it here: http://petapixel.com/2015/10/15/one-husbands-response-to-retouched-photos-of-his-wife/

I had a bunch of people send me links to this and at first I thought to myself “How sweet, he really loves his wife and everything about her”… but then the more I thought about it, the  more I decided the guy sounds like kind of a pretentious asshole. Even more, I started to think that the whole thing was probably fake. Continue reading »

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