Privacy Policy

Welcome. We work very hard to protect our clients privacy and we want to make sure that our privacy policy is as clear and easy to understand as possible, so we won’t go into any crazy technical or legal terms here. 

Personal data we collect and how it’s used:

We collect your basic contact information (name, email address, phone number, physical/mailing address) because it is necessary for us to be able to contact you to fulfil the terms of your photoshoot and to be able to ship your orders after if you choose to have it shipped. If you’ve clicked the link in the opt-in email you receive from us, we will also use your email address to send you updates about the studio, future promotions and invitations to events we may be holding or participating in. You can opt-out of this list at any time. Once in awhile we may also send you invitations or things through the physical mail. You are welcome to request that we don’t mail you anything.

Our website also collects minimal information such as your IP address which allows us to track where our website visitors are coming from, what browser and device they are using, how they are using the website, how long their visit is, and what links they click to leave our site. This helps us monitor our website visitors user experience so that we can make adjustments as needed. This information is not personally identifiable and is only stored for 3 days.

How we collect and store your personal data: 

If you fill out the contact form on my website, the information you provide is imported into our client management system (which is 100% secure and only accessible by studio employees). Your information will also be forwarded to our email subscription service (Mailchimp) which is also secure and only accessible by studio employees. If you email us directly, your emails are stored in our inbox archives which are hosted on a secure server through Google. If you inquire about a session but do not end up booking, we do retain this information in case you ever contact us again in the future (we like to know these things!). This helps us provide you with the best service we can! We also store any images that we take during your photoshoot, and these are kept indefinitely so that if you ever need them in the future, you have them.

We also collect other information, such as details about your age/birthday, marital status, body shape/size, clothing sizes, identifying marks, etc that are important for us as we plan your session, and also helps us customize our communications with you in the future. This information is optional for you to provide, and whatever information you do give us is stored in our secure client management system. Birthdate information may also be stored in our email client in case we decide to send you a birthday gift!

We store images in multiple locations for security in case of technical issues. We keep a copy of recent sessions directly on the office computer, back ups of all images we’ve ever taken on external hard drives that are kept locked in a safe, as well as using a secure cloud based system to back up both our computer and external hard drives.  If you have given us permission to use your images as a part of our portfolio, images will be visible to the public and may also be stored on our mobile devices as part of our social media marketing. 

Blog Commenting

As a feature of our website, we do have a blog which allows visitors to leave comments. These comments are open to the public and any contact information you include may be accessible by other visitors. Commenting on our blog is 100% optional.

Right of Confirmation, Access, Rectification and Erasure

At any time, you are welcome to contact us to request a copy of what information we have about you. We are happy to send you a summary so that you can confirm that the information is accurate. If there are any mistakes, let us know and we can fix it! If you’d rather we just delete you from our records, you are absolutely within your rights to ask us to do that, the only information we would need to keep is transactional information that is needed for official uses, such as filing our taxes.

Use of your Data

We will use your contact information to do just that, contact you. This is how we will create the plan for your session and take care of your ordering, and if you’ve opted in to our email list, you’ll also receive promotional and informational emails from us occasionally. If you have not opted in to our email list, you’ll only receive emails that are directly related to your session and ordering. Due to the sensitive nature of the photographs that we take, we never use your images without your exclusive permission. If you have given us permission to use your images for marketing, we will use them in a number of places, such as our website, social media accounts, email list, printed materials and signage. 

Financial Data

It is very unlikely that we would store your financial data for any reason. We utilize secure third party payment processors for accepting credit and debit card payments (You can review their respective Privacy Policies here and here. If you pay with a check, your payment will be deposited electronically and the physical check will be stored in your file in our office until the appropriate amount of time has passed for our bank to verify and process the payment. After this time has passed (10 days) your account information is removed from the check and destroyed, leaving only the payment amount details for our financial records. This data is only accessible by studio employees for the purpose of managing your account, fulfilling orders, etc. and our accountant, as needed, to manage our finances and taxes.