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In the morning while I’m having my coffee, I like to browse around Facebook. I prep my posts for the week, check out what’s going on with my friends and participate in conversations with my VIP group of past and future clients. This morning’s conversation was prompted when some recent clients shared photos of their beautiful prints displayed over their bed and another member of the group asked where they got the images printed.

I spoke up and explained that I do all of the processing for my clients, printing and facilitating the professional matting and framing, as I feel that doing any less would be to leave them with an incomplete product and would be a complete disservice to them.

I was quite saddened for this woman when she told me “I bought a print from a local photographer I love, but he couldn’t find a place to print them as big as I wanted, so I actually ended up buying the rights to print the two files technically thinking I’d be able to get them printed. Long story short 6 months later, I still just have a file!”

I felt awful for her. Anyone who calls themselves a “Professional” should have the basic resources in place to provide this service to their clients. I have always offered professional printing for my clients. I couldn’t imagine not offering this. I don’t understand the point of paying for a professional to take your photos, just to have them buried away somewhere in a drawer or on a drive where you might remember to look at them once every year or two. What happens when those drives fail? I know I’ve personally lost years worth of photos because I failed to print them and things went wrong.

I’ve spent countless hours doing research on amazing products for my clients and finding the best suppliers for everything. I have done all the legwork so that you don’t have to :)

And now, the photo that sparked it all!


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Photo courtesy of Kristin and Amanda


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