Classy and Fabulous prom photos

 Annmarie HS Prom 01 900x668 Classy and Fabulous prom photos

High school prom… One of the most magical nights in a young girls life, bested only by her graduation and wedding days. The dress and shoe shopping, getting hair and makeup done, all of the pictures… it’s a night of dancing and fun with friends, it should be an almost magical experience for every girl.

I wasn’t able to attend my own prom, as I was a teen mom and was severely ill with morning sickness, and actually put in the paperwork to officially drop out of high school just one week before my Junior prom. I still regret not going and spending that time with my friends. It’s an opportunity that I can never get back, and my memories from high school are so very boring and bland.

“A girl should be two things,
Classy and Fabulous”

~Coco Chanel

This is the second year in a row that I have been able to do Ann’s pre-prom photos. Last year we included her friend and both of their dates, and even incorporated an awesome antique car in a few!

Watching Ann head off to attend her Prom made me reminisce about what mine would have been like. I can just picture my high school gym (There will always be a little bit of Skowhegan Indian running in my veins, no matter where I live!), lights off and cheesy decorations, loud music and crazy lights… I’m sure it wouldn’t have been a huge fancy production, but a milestone everyone should achieve either way.

I’m blessed to be able to watch my beautiful niece as she experiences all of these wonderful things as she grows, and then I cringe a little when I realize that she wasn’t much older than my own daughter when I first met her uncle, and knowing how fast she reached this point, I can only imagine how much faster it will happen with my own girls.

They can’t stay little forever, so we need to do whatever we can to make their youth as magical as we can.


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