Announcing………. the big news!

Stacey Warren 113 1 Announcing.......... the big news!


I began my photography journey in late 2012 after some friends pleaded with me to photograph their wedding. I was only a hobbyist before that, so I wasn’t convinced I could do a good job and enlisted the help of my friend Brittany of Sisco Photography to help. It was a fantastic experience, and after that I began to really consider that maybe I could make this into something.

Through the next year I spent a lot of time practicing, trying out all different genres of photography. I did a lot of online workshops, read everything I could find on the subject, practiced every chance I got, and even opened up my fragile ego to have my work critiqued by other photographers… which 9 times out of 10 in the first 6 months resulted in tears and being ready to hang up my camera for good (Yeah, I really was that bad!)

By the end of 2013, having tried out pretty much every genre of photography I was interested in, I realized that my passion really fell with photographing women. I learned about Sue Bryce through some other photographers and the first time I did a glamour photo shoot, I was hooked. I had already done a boudoir photo shoot early in 2013 and the reaction my client had when she saw her boudoir images blew my mind. She nearly cried, and the comments she made to friends and family about her photos and the experience she had with me were all I needed to see/hear.

Fast forward a few months… I spent the rest of 2013 and beginning of 2014 honing my craft… building a solid portfolio and improving my skills.

Over the last 7 months, I have been blessed with a filled booking calendar and fantastic clients. I’ve met some AMAZING women, and I am so thrilled to have, in turn, been able to begin calling some of you a friend.

Those of you who have worked with me in the past couple of years know that I’ve been working out of my home. It’s not very pretty here, as the house is very old and we are constantly working on renovating.

I’ve become a master at working in close quarters though!

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few “Behind the scenes” photos and some of the resulting images!

2014 06 08 11.46 633x900 Announcing.......... the big news!


2014 04 29 16.11.08 731x900 Announcing.......... the big news!


2014 09 13 16.42.00 634x900 Announcing.......... the big news!


2014 12 12 10.13.24 900x753 Announcing.......... the big news!


2014 08 17 11.56.191 598x900 Announcing.......... the big news!



As you can see, I’ve worked well with the conditions I’ve had to work with over the last year and a half and I’m VERY proud of the work I’ve been able to produce! However, over the last few months especially, I’ve been feeling a little cramped. Almost like I’ve reached the end of my potential in the space and that I can no longer produce the quality and amount of variety that my clients deserve.

I spent the last few months looking around, weighing my options, both logistically and financially and it seemed they were pretty limited. Amelia (my lovely stylist, shown in the last set of photos above) and I spent some time discussing where we might like to see things in the future, and what avenues we might need to take to get there, but nothing seemed like it would work out right now. I had resigned myself to continuing to work at home and just continue with the renovations over time and eventually create a dedicated studio space here at home. But, alas, the universe had other plans for me.

The day after I discussed this plan with my husband, I happened to sit down at the desk and look at Facebook. I saw a set of photos taken of a gorgeous wide open studio space. I was excited for whichever photographer I follow who was lucky enough to snag such a beautiful space! I flipped through the pictures without looking at the name for a few minutes, and then when I glanced up, I realized, it wasn’t a photographer’s new space… it was a local business based out of Rockland, advertising for a space they were renting out!

For the heck of it, I contacted them for more details (figuring, it’s Rockland after all, it’s probably REALLY expensive!) Surprise, surprise… It was a super reasonable number!

I couldn’t contain my excitement, and as soon as my husband came home, I showed him the photos. Even bigger surprise, he encouraged me to look at it further! I drove down the next morning and met with the owner and looked at the space. By that evening, I knew it would be mine…. I signed the lease today!

So, I won’t bore you any longer with the behind the scene’s details…. Here is your first look at the new home of Jessica Michael Photography!

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These are two of the photos from the ad that was placed on Facebook, I was in such a hurry I forgot to charge my camera batteries before I went to look at it! It’s absolutely perfect, and there is SO much potential!

The room shown above will be the studio area. Through the window/door is another room which will serve as the hair and makeup/changing area, as well as the meeting area where we will do viewing/ordering sessions!

I’m in the process of packing up everything and will be moving in on Saturday, and thanks to the amazing generosity of a wonderful client who decided to pay in advance for a future photoshoot, I’ll have an amazing new furniture piece that will be delivered this week!

I will be moving in the first load of things on Thursday when I go pick up my key, and will post some pictures of the progress as I’m able to!

The next big task is going to be picking which of the beautiful photos I’ve taken that I want to print to hang up in the office! That’s going to be a tough decision!

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