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Frequently Asked Questions

•Do you have a place you take photographs?
Yes! I have a studio in Brooks, Maine where I usually photograph clients. However, If you have your heart set on using a specific location, I am happy to hear your ideas and try to make your shoot everything you want it to be!

•How long does a shoot last?
Your photoshoot can last anywhere from 2-4 hours, including time for hair and makeup, though most sessions wrap up between 2-3 hours.

•What days/times can I book a consultation or a session?
To keep things running smoothly, my team and I have specific days set aside for different types of clients and their needs! The days and times we have available can vary some depending on the time of year, so it’s best to send us an email through our contact form and take a look at our booking calendar in the email response you’ll receive!

•Do you provide posing and direction?
Absolutely! Many people tell me they are nervous before their shoot because they don’t know how to pose. One of the perks of booking a session with Jessica Michael Photography is that Boudoir photography is the only genre that I photograph, so I spend all of my time devoted to perfecting my work. I have put countless hours into crafting my ability to help women of any shape/size to pose in a way that flatters her specific body.

•Do I need to do my own hair and makeup?
Absolutely not… Professional hair and makeup is included in every photoshoot! We really find that the time spent in hair and makeup is a relaxing and pampering experience that helps to set the mood for the rest of your photoshoot. It is a key part of making your photoshoot a success! The only exception to this is when we occasionally donate mini sessions to fundraisers or if we offer them as a special sale, which is rare. In those situations, professional hair and makeup can be added on for a small fee.

•Do I need to bring my own outfits?
Most clients do bring their own outfits, and we will work closely together before your shoot to help you figure out exactly what you should bring. I do have a small wardrobe available at the studio with a variety of items in different styles and sizes that you are welcome to look through as well! If you are unsure where to shop for Lingerie, we have some recommendations for Amazon items available on our Pinterest board here: https://www.pinterest.com/JessicaMichaelPhotography/what-to-wear-boudoir/

•How many outfits do I need?
I usually suggest bringing at the very least, 5 different outfits to choose from, but I really recommend bringing as much as you possibly can. The more we have to choose from, the better, and we can always mix and match what you bring, with what we have available at the studio in the boudoir closet!

•Can you come to my home for the shoot?
I generally prefer to work in my studio so that I can easily control the lighting and surroundings, however I understand that for some people they are unable to leave their homes and I am happy to discuss your specific situation when you call.

•What if I want to keep my images private? Do they have to be blogged?
Absolutely not… The photos you see on my website are only the women who have given me permission to show their images. Due to the very personal genre of photography that I work in, I understand that not all of my clients are comfortable with me showing certain images and I am perfectly ok with that! We will go through your images during your ordering appointment and you will let me know which ones you are ok with me using, if any. It’s totally up to you.

•When will my pictures be ready?
We will schedule your ordering appointment for approximately 2 weeks after your session, and your prints and products will arrive within 3-6 weeks of the order being paid for, depending on what you order.

•What is your Reschedule/Cancellation/refund policy?
If a session needs to be rescheduled, we ask for at least 14 days notice, and allow your retainer to be applied to a new date (selected at that time). If a new date is not selected right away, it is considered a cancellation and the retainer is forfeited. If a reschedule happens with less than 14 days notice, we do apply a reschedule fee. Refunds of session fees will be given in the form of studio credit only. We do not offer refunds on product orders, but if there is ever a concern, we will happily listen and find the best resolution.