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Wardrobe Wednesday – Boudoir Edition

This week for Wardrobe Wednesday I decided to give a bit more of an in depth view into some great pieces that would be perfect for your boudoir session!


First, there are a few pieces that I recently found at City Drawers in Belfast (stay tuned for more information on some collaborations we have in the works!)


2017 04 20 14.42.50 1 900x796 Wardrobe Wednesday   Boudoir Edition

Ignore the cell phone snapshots, it was all I had with me at the moment, but I just fell in love with both of these pieces! I didn’t have a chance to thoroughly inspect all of their amazing pieces, but I definitely saw some other very fun items that you may not expect to find in this quaint little shop on Main st in Belfast. Be sure to stop in next time you’re in town and get a free Bra Fitting with Stephanie and check out what they’ve got… and feel free to send me photos of your favorites! And don’t forget, they also have a store in Bath, Maine now as well!


If you aren’t in the Belfast or Bath areas and like to do your shopping online, this piece here is absolutely gorgeous, and conveniently available on Amazon! For only $12 and available in two different styles and SO many color options, this is definitely a Go-To piece for anyone! Sizes Small through XXL available!

Untitled 1 Wardrobe Wednesday   Boudoir Edition

Click to view on Amazon!


I love everything about this outfit! Available in sizes XS-XL with a slightly padded top for those who want a little added modesty during their session!

Check back soon for our next edition of Wardrobe Wednesday!

**This post contains affiliate links**

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We’ve solved the problem of What to Wear!

publication 1063 600x431 Weve solved the problem of What to Wear!


The time has come for Midcoast Maine and beyond to experience the power of SEXINESS!

Over the past few years running my boudoir studio I have come to realize, along with my clients, that there is simply NO reliable source for lingerie or other sexy items in pretty much the entire state! Continue reading »

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What to Wear: White Shirt Edition

Maine Boudoir 016 900x596 What to Wear: White Shirt Edition


One of the most common questions I get asked is “Do I need to bring my own clothes? How will I know what to bring?” or even “I don’t really have any lingerie, can I still do a boudoir shoot?”

My answer is quite simple… Absolutely! Continue reading »

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What to Wear: Plus Size Boudoir Photo Wardrobe

pr 193545 1X What to Wear: Plus Size Boudoir Photo Wardrobe

Lane Bryant Plus Size Flocked velvet babydoll – Photo courtesy – Click to visit

Choosing what to wear to your boudoir photo shoot is challenging enough. When you wear a size that happens to be larger than the standard, that can make it even more difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to find things that look right, or are even the right size. I’ve recently partnered with some stores that I LOVE and regularly refer my clients to for finding appropriate items to wear for their photo shoots, so now I get first hand knowledge about upcoming sales and promotions from these stores that my clients and I love SO much!

An added bonus for me is that when you shop from these links I post, I will earn a small percentage of what you spend as compensation for letting you know about these great deals. I will never link you to a store that I wouldn’t 100% send you to anyway just for the sake of compensation, it’s seriously just an added bonus for you AND me this way! The little bits that I will earn through these links will help me to keep my product prices low for my awesome clients!

Now, on to the real reason you came here, my recommendations for what to wear for your boudoir shoot when there happens to be more of you to love! Continue reading »

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