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Flowers, Lace and Glitter, Oh My!

Heidi 23 900x600 Flowers, Lace and Glitter, Oh My!

How did you come across boudoir photography and more specifically, Jessica Michael Photography?
I googled “Glamour Photoshoot”
What made you choose Jessica Michael Photography? Where you considering going elsewhere? What changed your mind? Were you referred by a past client?
I loved the pictures and you were close to where I lived (at the time) I read all the reviews and I knew you were what I was looking for!
How did you feel before you came in for your shoot?
I was super nervous and excited!!

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Kayla’s Glamorous Maternity Session


Kayla13 900x600 Kaylas Glamorous Maternity Session


I have had the pleasure of photographing Kayla three times now and each time gets better than the one before it. Kayla is a gorgeous Mama to a beautiful little girl and is expecting another little girl in October! Continue reading »

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What to Wear: White Shirt Edition

Maine Boudoir 016 900x596 What to Wear: White Shirt Edition


One of the most common questions I get asked is “Do I need to bring my own clothes? How will I know what to bring?” or even “I don’t really have any lingerie, can I still do a boudoir shoot?”

My answer is quite simple… Absolutely! Continue reading »

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Professional Printing – A Complete Service

Luke and Cassie Album Room Screen Grab2 900x534 Professional Printing   A Complete Service



In the morning while I’m having my coffee, I like to browse around Facebook. I prep my posts for the week, check out what’s going on with my friends and participate in conversations with my VIP group of past and future clients. This morning’s conversation was prompted when some recent clients shared photos of their beautiful prints displayed over their bed and another member of the group asked where they got the images printed.

I spoke up and explained that I do all of the processing for my clients, printing and facilitating the professional matting and framing, as I feel that doing any less would be to leave them with an incomplete product and would be a complete disservice to them.

I was quite saddened for this woman when she told me “I bought a print from a local photographer I love, but he couldn’t find a place to print them as big as I wanted, so I actually ended up buying the rights to print the two files technically thinking I’d be able to get them printed. Long story short 6 months later, I still just have a file!” Continue reading »

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“Nothing but a sheet” Mini Sessions

nothing but a sheet 900x469 Nothing but a sheet Mini Sessions


Last year when I did my White Sheet Mini Sessions, they were a big hit! You can see two of my clients Here and Here…. And while we can all agree that, shit, my photography has improved by leaps and bounds in the year since those were taken…. they were still fun, and sexy, and I can’t wait to do more of them at the studio! Continue reading »

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2015/16 Spokesmodel Contest

Maine Fine art glamour Photography011 900x600 2015/16 Spokesmodel ContestSpokesmodel Contest!

Last year we launched our Spokesmodel program, and it’s been a fantastic experience! We had approximately 40 applications, and the process of choosing a winner was NOT an easy one! We’ve had a great time working with Nichole, our 2014/15 Spokesmodel, and are excited to see what else we are able to come up with through the rest of her time as Spokesmodel, but now it’s time to start collecting applications for next year!

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