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Miss K. came to our open house on October 1st to get a first hand look at how everything works and to observe one of her friends being photographed live at the event. When she expressed interest in booking a boudoir session for her husband, I was super excited to tell her all about what I could do for her! She knew she wanted to incorporate his favorite jersey into the session, and I have to say, she rocked it… what a sassy look!

Take a look at what she had to say about her session with us:
How did you come across boudoir photography and more specifically, Jessica Michael Photography?
Though friends and attending a gathering at the studio

What were your biggest concerns or fears upon booking your session?
It was out of my comfort zone

What was the funnest part of planning your shoot?
All of it, Jessica is fantastic

What was your impression of your time spent with Jessica and your stylist (if applicable) during your shoot?
Very professional and lots of fun

Did you take anything away from your session that surprised you?
More confidence

Was your session different than you had expected? If so, how?
Not at all, Jess was very open and honest on how it would run

How was the response to your session/photos by people who have seen them?
Love them!

Do you have any advice that you would like to give someone who is considering a session?
Just do it!

What was one thing, if anything, you realized you stressed out over that didn’t matter at all in the end?
The posing

If you could give future clients or anyone on the fence about having a boudoir session with Jessica Michael Photography, what would it be?
She is the best and will make you feel right at home

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