“I don’t look like the girls on your website” and other nonsense I hear

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Seriously, I have heard it all. 

“I don’t look like the girls on your website”, “I don’t know how to look sexy”, “I don’t know how to pose”. 

First of all…. You don’t have to look like the girls on my website, because you look like you and that is exactly who you SHOULD look like! The girls on my website are their own individual people and that’s who they look like. 

Second of all, you don’t need to know how to pose OR how to look sexy because that is MY job!

I have been training and perfecting the art of styling, posing and photographing clients of ALL shapes and sizes for going on 6 years now, and I don’t plan to ever stop trying to get better and better at it!

I have posed and photographed women of all ages, women who suffer from mobility issues of varying degrees, those who are underweight, who are overweight, and those who are in great physical shape. I’ve photographed women who struggle with mental illness, diseases, and pretty much anything else you can think of that may affect the way a woman feels about herself (because we all have something, don’t we?). I’ve even photographed myself!

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Each and every one of those women have been beautiful and has walked away thrilled with her images. 

When I polled my VIP group of nearly 600 women, lack of body confidence was the number 2 reason that they hesitate booking a session. Now let me tell you… that’s BULL! The best reason to come and HAVE a photoshoot is because you want to boost your confidence!

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“In just one shoot I saw myself differently than I ever have. I felt beautiful and comfortable my own skin by the end of it. I learned to be easier on myself, love my smile and that being my quirky self is awesome.” – Kurstin

I am there from day one to help you feel comfortable and confident. We start working together at your consultation where we go over all the details of what you can expect, all the available options, answer any questions you may have and start a plan for your perfect session. 

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After the consultation, during the rest of the planning process I am easily accessible and willing to answer questions, look at wardrobe ideas, give suggestions, etc. all you need to do is ask! (Seriously, ask any of my past clients… It’s not unusual for them to be emailing or texting me photos while they try things on to get my feedback! It’s all a part of the experience!)

I am also very conscious of how my clients are feeling during their session and I will do my absolute best to make sure you can see just how gorgeous you are by showing you images on the back of the camera to help ease any lingering fears you may still have! 

Trust me, by the time we are done, you’ll be glowing ;) 



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