Alina’s Retro pin-up inspired boudoir session

Alina Wright 023 900x601 Alinas Retro pin up inspired boudoir session


Alina came to see me looking for some retro glamour photography. She wanted some pin up inspired photos, and knew that my style was different than traditional pin-up photography, but we were able to really give her the feel she was looking for. She looked at pin up photo ideas to get inspiration for her hair and makeup, and I feel like we really nailed it. 

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Red Lipstick, Lace and Life Changing Revelations

Hannah Gray 008 900x601 Red Lipstick, Lace and Life Changing Revelations

Hannah had her first session with us back in early 2015 when our boudoir studio was located in Rockland, Maine. I knew as soon as I received the referral from our mutual friend that she was going to be an amazing woman to work with, and  in the almost 4 years since since that happened, we have also become good friends and I am so thankful to have her in my life. 

She recently came to the studio, which is now located in Brooks, Maine, and had her third session with us. I swear, each session she has is like she is a whole different person than the one who came before. 

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Boudoir Fears – Edition 1: Wardrobe

Stephanie Stilkey 068 900x601 Boudoir Fears   Edition 1: Wardrobe

One of the most common comments/questions I hear from ladies who are interested in booking a session is that they aren’t sure what to wear. They don’t have anything, they don’t know what to shop for, or sometimes they just are too afraid or busy to even try and will show up with nothing! 

No worries! What to wear for your boudoir session is one of the main things we will discuss during your consultation! We will discuss styles that will flatter your specific body type, and talk about things that photograph well and what to avoid.   Continue reading »

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Black Friday Boudoir Specials!

Ashleigh Lundt Brand Ambassador 168 900x601 Black Friday Boudoir Specials!

It’s that time of year again… Coming up on the holiday season, which means the holiday shopping rush will begin soon! Black Friday is one of our biggest sales of the year, and this year we have gone all out with more offers than we have ever grouped together on one day! 

We have something for everyone… Past clients, new clients, those who want to try out boudoir for the first time, even some offers that can be combined for maximum savings!  Continue reading »

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Black Lace and Candlelight

Kalaa Wilson Brand Ambassador 099 900x601 Black Lace and Candlelight


This was my second session with Kalaa, who also happens to be one of our talented stylists. Her first session was a Bridal Boudoir session she did as a gift to her now husband. Shortly after her session she and I became good friends and she started working for the studio! Her first session was very sweet and feminine, she was nervous and unsure of herself, but when she came back for this session about a year later, she was full of so much more confidence that we were able to create a much more moody set of images, with a very sultry and sexy vibe.

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White Sheets and Fur Blankets Boudoir

Shelby Connoly White Sheet 075 900x601 White Sheets and Fur Blankets Boudoir


Miss S came to see us this summer to have some photos taken to celebrate her body. She was feeling pretty amazing after having a baby and wanted to have these images to showcase how she was feeling inside! 

We got to use some great faux fur blankets, some sexy body jewelry from the wardrobe available at our boudoir studio, and we also did some more traditional white sheet boudoir for her. 

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