Midcoast Maine Women in Business Showcase: Jen Wenz – The Aquarian Gift Shop – Belfast


Jen Wenz Interview 0041 900x600 Midcoast Maine Women in Business Showcase: Jen Wenz   The Aquarian Gift Shop   Belfast

Name Jen Wenz
Business Name The Aquarian Gift Shop
Email theaquarian@outlook.com
Phone (207) 218-1036
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/theaquariangiftshop/
Instagram http://instagram.com/magickintheair

How would you describe yourself?
I am a Woman with many names, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, and Nana to My Family and Loyal friend and Confidant to Many Wonderful People I have met throughout the years! I am an Independent 10th generation, Traditional Solitary Gray, walking my path and sharing words and knowledge of enlightenment with those Open-minded Souls who choose of free will to follow their own Unique Spiritual journey.

2017 06 06 0003 900x672 Midcoast Maine Women in Business Showcase: Jen Wenz   The Aquarian Gift Shop   Belfast
How long have you been involved in your business?
Truthfully 16 years, since 2001 when I opened The Sea Witch’s Closet, on Main St. in Searsport. Then I opened The Sea Witch Gift Shop in 2005 on Rte. 1 in Belfast until 2008 when the economy took a dive. I made the tough decision to close, with the understanding that we would emerge again, when the time was right, the economy was healthier and with a new location and new name to start a new chapter doing what I love!

What do you like most about your job?
My customers! Meeting people who are following their unique spiritual path and sharing knowledge! It’s exciting to meet people with open hearts and sharing conversation as to where they are and what they hope to accomplish. It’s all very enlightening!

Jen Wenz Interview 010005 900x600 Midcoast Maine Women in Business Showcase: Jen Wenz   The Aquarian Gift Shop   Belfast

What keeps you motivated?
The desire to make my little part of the world a much nicer place to be, a place where friends, family and new friends can shop in a warm and welcoming environment.

How do you prioritize family and business?
Family Comes first and in many ways my family is involved with my business. It is a balancing act but what isn’t? Time for my family is possible because I do work for myself.

2017 06 06 0001 900x671 Midcoast Maine Women in Business Showcase: Jen Wenz   The Aquarian Gift Shop   Belfast

How do you think being a woman in business has affected or will affect your family?
Work/life balance is at best an elusive ideal and at worst a complete myth  most women in business will tell you but by making deliberate choices about which opportunities we pursue and which we decline, rather than simply reacting to emergencies, we can and do engage meaningfully with work, family, and community. I’ve discovered through hard experience that prospering as an entrepreneur is a matter of carefully combining work and home so as not to lose ourselves, loved ones, or our foothold on success. Those who do this most effectively involve their families in work decisions and activities. We also vigilantly manage our own human capital, endeavoring to give both work and home their due—over a period of years, not weeks or days.

Jen Wenz Interview 020 900x600 Midcoast Maine Women in Business Showcase: Jen Wenz   The Aquarian Gift Shop   Belfast

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned being a woman in business?
I have been fortunate enough to face certain challenges and overcome certain obstacles. This journey has left me with countless life lessons that I feel privileged to have learned first hand. No matter what journey you take in life or where your professional goals take you, there are certain life lessons that you can always apply to your own path. It doesn’t matter where you came from or where you are going, I’ve learned these lessons can be universally applied to us all Women as well as Men.

Hard work outweighs talent and intelligence and is necessary if you want to succeed. This not only means working hard when things are going well, but working harder when things are not. It means taking calculated risks and sticking to them, no matter how challenging they are.

Making money is a huge motivator in all of our lives, but I have learned firsthand that you should never travel down a road just because there is a promise of financial gain. You need to have a real passion for what you are doing and the decisions you are making for these decisions to be worth it.

2017 06 06 0002 900x413 Midcoast Maine Women in Business Showcase: Jen Wenz   The Aquarian Gift Shop   Belfast

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Featured: Huffington Post – Couples Boudoir Edition

Amanda and Kristin 098 900x600 Featured: Huffington Post   Couples Boudoir Edition

Tonight I was finishing up with a clients ordering appointment when she stepped out to use the restroom. I took the moment to check my phone to see if I had any messages from my husband and noticed an email from HuffPost…

Last week I had received an email from them requesting permission to use one of my images from a couple years ago for an upcoming post about Couples Boudoir Sessions!

I was understandably flattered, and excited by the prospect! I reached out to my clients to make sure that they were on board with this usage (because it goes beyond my typical model release) and as soon as I received confirmation from them I sent authorization to the HuffPost editor, Kelsey Borresen, to go ahead and use the image for the post :)

The image above is not the one they used, however it is another from the session… The one they used in the article was actually inspired by an iconic photograph of two lesbians from the 90’s. We put our own spin on the image and it is absolutely one of my favorite images from their session!

See the Huffington Post article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/couples-boudoir-photos-that-capture-the-steamier-side-of-love_us_591dde2ee4b03b485cafa78b

See the original image and the rest from the session here: http://jessicamichaelphotography.com/glamour-photos/same-sex-couples-boudoir-portland-maine

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Wardrobe Wednesday – Boudoir Edition

This week for Wardrobe Wednesday I decided to give a bit more of an in depth view into some great pieces that would be perfect for your boudoir session!


First, there are a few pieces that I recently found at City Drawers in Belfast (stay tuned for more information on some collaborations we have in the works!)


2017 04 20 14.42.50 1 900x796 Wardrobe Wednesday   Boudoir Edition

Ignore the cell phone snapshots, it was all I had with me at the moment, but I just fell in love with both of these pieces! I didn’t have a chance to thoroughly inspect all of their amazing pieces, but I definitely saw some other very fun items that you may not expect to find in this quaint little shop on Main st in Belfast. Be sure to stop in next time you’re in town and get a free Bra Fitting with Stephanie and check out what they’ve got… and feel free to send me photos of your favorites! And don’t forget, they also have a store in Bath, Maine now as well!


If you aren’t in the Belfast or Bath areas and like to do your shopping online, this piece here is absolutely gorgeous, and conveniently available on Amazon! For only $12 and available in two different styles and SO many color options, this is definitely a Go-To piece for anyone! Sizes Small through XXL available!

Untitled 1 Wardrobe Wednesday   Boudoir Edition

Click to view on Amazon!


I love everything about this outfit! Available in sizes XS-XL with a slightly padded top for those who want a little added modesty during their session!

Check back soon for our next edition of Wardrobe Wednesday!

**This post contains affiliate links**

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Open House!

Cassie Carpenter 094 900x600 Open House!


It’s that time again! Time for us to open our doors and let you in to see how it all works!

I really love having regular open houses so that it gives everyone an opportunity to come in, get to see how we work, ask questions and get a feel for the atmosphere at the studio!

We will be having a live hair and makeup demonstration on a model as well as a photography demonstration immediately following! Goodie bags, prize giveaways, etc.

14522969 2129947097231327 2300127773814547872 n 891x900 Open House!
Due to the nature of the images we display in the studio, we are asking to keep this event 18+ please!
Every visitor will receive an entry form to put in for the giveaway of their choice… Come with a friend and you each get a second entry form… Bring a dress to donate to the studio wardrobe and get TWO Bonus entry forms!

14445966 1287747574568708 8536689049206360707 n 736x900 Open House!

Giveaway Items (we may change or add to this list):
•Jessica Michael Photography Mini Session
•Jessica Michael Lingerie Gift Certificate
•Mini Makeup Kit
•Athena’s by Mitchell Gift Certificate


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How wearing makeup can affect your self esteem

Maine Boudoir Studio 010 900x600 How wearing makeup can affect your self esteem


Yesterday morning, while drinking my coffee and scrolling Facebook I came across a post by a local radio station. It was a message they were posting from one of their followers, talking about how her 8 year old came home from school and asked if she could wear makeup because a classmate did. The mother said  “The makeup may improve my daughter’s low self-esteem. It may also attract unwanted attention from pervs. Is 8 years-old too young for makeup?”

I read through some of the comments and overwhelmingly everyone had negative comments about makeup in general. Continue reading »

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White Shirts and Jerseys

Kristi 07 900x600 White Shirts and Jerseys


Miss K. came to our open house on October 1st to get a first hand look at how everything works and to observe one of her friends being photographed live at the event. When she expressed interest in booking a boudoir session for her husband, I was super excited to tell her all about what I could do for her! She knew she wanted to incorporate his favorite jersey into the session, and I have to say, she rocked it… what a sassy look! Continue reading »

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