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Jessica Wellman is a Midcoast Maine Wedding, engagement and glamour photographer located in the Belfast area.

6 Things to wear for your shoot that aren’t lingerie


Lizzy Cox 041 900x600 6 Things to wear for your shoot that arent lingerie

Cropped tops

Tee shirts, sweatshirts, etc. We love them all! You can buy them already cropped, or you can cut them off and make them yourself!  Continue reading »

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2018 Boudoir Favorites Roundup

Lizzy Cox 030bw 900x600 2018 Boudoir Favorites Roundup

It’s no exaggeration that 2018 has been a really tough year on me, my family, and so many other people that I know. However, I gave myself a light workload for December so that I could take some time off and spend time with family and prepare for the upcoming year, and that’s helped to put a lot of things into perspective for me. 

On January 1st, I will turn 35, and I am determined to make 2019 the best year yet, personally and professionally. Continue reading »

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Free Resource: How to get Ring Video Doorbell for Free

Dora Bowden Oakes 046 900x600 Free Resource: How to get Ring Video Doorbell for Free


With all of the reports that are going around about people’s packages being stolen off their porch while they aren’t home, and other suspicious activity that happens without us even realizing it, I’ve been looking into amping up my home security efforts. 

My husband and I have been renovating our home for as long as we’ve lived here, and we are finally making some big progress, however one of the things that has changed during this process is that the main entry of our home is now at the opposite end of the house from where my office is, and of course, that’s where I spend most of my time, so there have been times visitors have stopped in and I didn’t hear them knock, or there was a package that needed signing for and I didn’t know anyone was here, so a video doorbell has been the number one thing on my wish list for a good 6 months now!

I don’t like to make big/important purchases without doing some research, so I’ve been looking into all of my options and the company I have seen the highest reviews for is Ring, they are a company that offers a selection of video doorbell systems, as well as other home security options. I’ve been looking into them for awhile and have been planning to purchase a system in the new year, but today I learned about a way I can get it for free, and I wanted to pass that along to you!

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Our Top 3 Makeup Looks for Boudoir Sessions

Stephanie Stilkey 050 900x601 Our Top 3 Makeup Looks for Boudoir Sessions



Picking the style of makeup for your session is a very personal decision, as unique as each woman that we photograph! Our hair and makeup artists are well trained and come equipped to give you exactly what you’re looking for! 

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Alina’s Retro pin-up inspired boudoir session

Alina Wright 023 900x601 Alinas Retro pin up inspired boudoir session


Alina came to see me looking for some retro glamour photography. She wanted some pin up inspired photos, and knew that my style was different than traditional pin-up photography, but we were able to really give her the feel she was looking for. She looked at pin up photo ideas to get inspiration for her hair and makeup, and I feel like we really nailed it. 

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Red Lipstick, Lace and Life Changing Revelations

Hannah Gray 008 900x601 Red Lipstick, Lace and Life Changing Revelations

Hannah had her first session with us back in early 2015 when our boudoir studio was located in Rockland, Maine. I knew as soon as I received the referral from our mutual friend that she was going to be an amazing woman to work with, and  in the almost 4 years since since that happened, we have also become good friends and I am so thankful to have her in my life. 

She recently came to the studio, which is now located in Brooks, Maine, and had her third session with us. I swear, each session she has is like she is a whole different person than the one who came before. 

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