Before and Afters

Audra Turner 048 Before and AftersKrista Braley 055 Before and AftersNicole Tucker 015 Before and AftersAmanda Morgan 016 Before and AftersAshley Sorrentino 001 Before and AftersRockland Maine Boudoir Studio 025 Before and AftersHannah Flanders 016 Before and AftersDesiree Weeks Maternity 036 1 Before and AftersKristi Brady 0001 Before and AftersNichole Spokesmodel Shoot 167 Before and AftersLizzy Cox 050 Before and AftersCrystal Fortier 109 Before and Afters014 Before and AftersKay Castonguay 031 Before and AftersSarah Legare 026 Before and AftersJami Dakin 067 Before and Afters


This gallery is a way for my visitors to see that the women I feature are not paid professional models, they are every day women like you and I. They are mothers, teachers, social workers, and more… They are women that recognize that in order to be able to effectively take care of their loved ones, they need to take care of themselves, and the emotional healing that they get from spending the day being pampered and having the photographs to help them remember the experience later helps them to do just that.

The “Before” pictures that I use are taken prior to the photoshoot. Clients come in without makeup on and without their hair done, these photos represent their fresh from the shower faces. I am showing that they have the same under eye bags, lines, skin problems, etc. that you and I have.

The Before pictures featured here are the faces that will be recognized by those who are closest to the subject, those who have seen them on those days where they just didn’t have time or didn’t want to take the time to do their hair and makeup, not the done up “Ready to take on the world” face that we choose to show on social media.

All photos have been used with permission of the subject.